Italian Tour marzo 2024

From March 11th to April 2nd 2024 we will be in tour in Italy, in Milano , via Carlo Espinasse area between the 11th and the 17th, and in Busto Arsizio from the 26th or March to the 2nd of April.
Except for the week between the 18th and the 25th of March, we will be free for meetings/hookups, you can book a meeting with us with the calendar and form below, we will answer asap!

Would you like to realize a fetish or a fantasy? would you like to have a 3sum or a moresum? Or maybe you would like to play with one of us? Don’t wait, contact us and ask for details, we are ready to organize for you the most fantastic experience for you!

If you are a content creator and you are looking for a collaboration, please get in touch with us and specify it. The prices part doesn't apply to you!

We dedicate all the needed time to the play, and for this reason we adopt a large 4 slots timeframe per day. The time is indicative, and we will agree on a precise time at the booking confermation. Every experience will have a reasonable time, including, if requested, time for the aftercare. For example a vanilla sex play encounter is resonably around 1 hour, but if we all are having fun, we will take 1 hour and half or even 2, we will not rush the play. If you desire a longer session, or even a day/overnight experience, please specify in the free/open text area at the end of the form so we can arrange our scheduling accordingly.

Depending on the play or meeting you ask us to realise, we may ask you to contribute in advance for the expenses involved in the creation and preparation of the requeired scenario, tools and/or implements, as well as, if any, transfer expenses.

To meet and play with us creating your favourite scenario we will ask you to support us with a contribute starting from €150 to play with one of us only or €200 to play with both of us for a full sex experience with no hard kink/fetishes for an estimated 1 hour session

All the data collected will be used only for the administration of this booking, you can modify/remove the data in any moment.

Please fill up as much as you are confortable with the following form, the most precise and complete you will be, the better we will be able to fullfill your desire and know how to prepare ourself specifically for your scenario.

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  • Date : March 11, 2024 - April 2, 2024
  • Venue : Milano - Italia