Who we are

Welcome to the SexHackMe world! Be your unadulterated self and explore your deepest desires & fantasies

SexHackMe is a group of people that strives to indulge in hedonistic sexual exploration through new exhibitionistic experiences (always consensualy and with safety taken into account).

We love to play and be naughty. We love adventures and the outdoors. We are real people, not actors. Anything kinky and most fetishes we’ll try three times… Just in case.

We want to de-stigmatize amateur porn and sexual self expression. The human body doesn’t always need to be sexualised, but this is a space for it! We love some BDSM play, and always follow consensual & safe practice (SSC/PRICK/RACK)

Expect: Rope & Bondage Play, Outdoor and public adventures, Interesting places, Naughty truth and dares ,Anything but ordinary…

Premium members get access to all paid only video, discount on download videos and fans only exclusive content. Please request custom videos!

Despite us supporting normalization of porn and sex exploration, we are aware many cannot be exposed in our society, for this reason we deeply value the privacy of our visitors and members.

Our shop accept registration/login using Crypto Web3 wallets, checkout in various crypocurrencies, and this website is also available  over the TOR network at the address: sexhackyqoznvbu242nru2lpqgymacrqxxmhejcevi2k53sbdd4y2fqd.onion

Payments with crypto wallets or Credit card.

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SexHackMe accepts payments using different channels and different coins. If you have a Bitcoin lightning wallet or a Bitcoin or altcoin wallet for onchain transactions, just select the appropriate payment channel and proceed manually on your wallet to send the payment. We consider a transaction complete generally after 2 or 3 confirmations.

The suggested and more comfortable way to pay, though, is to use a web3 compatible wallet. If you are visiting us from a laptop/desktop web browser like Chrome or Firefox, one of the most well known and diffuse wallet is MetaMask. It is available as a browser extension, very easy to use, and lets you also buy crypto and NFTs directly from a credit card to fund the wallet.

If you are visiting us from an Android or Apple mobile device, MetaMask sadly isn’t well integrated with the web (yet?), and the browser extension isn’t available on mobile browsers. The suggested wallet to install and use is Opera Crypto Browser instead. It’s a full web browser with a crypto wallet integrated and full support for web3

We support credit cards as well for who prefer or don’t understand how better crypto are 😀

Signup/Login with NFTs

SexHackMe is ready for web3 not only for payments!

We love to give our users the freedom to remain as anonymous as they like, and use all the most advanced crypto and decentralized technologies. For this reason we support login and signup using Smart Contract and NFTs. You just need to have installed a web3 compatible wallet, and use the relative login/signup links.

TOR and Anonymity

You can access this website over the TOR network, but don’t forget this website isn’t an hidden service. It’s a normal website which is *ALSO* available through TOR.

While we respect your privacy permitting full pseudonimous accounts logging in using a crypto wallet and we do our best to protect the data of our members/customers/visitors, plugins and other components in this website can leak your real IPavaScript libraries, download links on third party sites, the unlock protocol website to authenticate crypto wallet logins, payment gateways and possibly others.

Future developements

We have a very long plan for implementing SexHackMe with many new functionalities and improvements. The following is a short list of planned developements:

  • IPFS storage for videos and images for TOR users as well as for normal users
  • Cleanup of any external requests to preserve privacy, moving away from the Unlock Protocol Smart Contract and sobstituting it with our own crypto wallet login system, moving CDN files onto IPFS
  • Permitting members to apply for a model program, letting them sell videos and images , having a model/member profile page with social media functionality
  • Create a Smart Contract to associate an NFT with video and images, the owner of the NFT will receive a share of all the sales on the video/image. To be used both for compensation of models and to create a referral system
  • Live streaming for models
  • Virtual Reality/3D live streaming for models
  • Launch coin and share for the whole system ( “minted per creators” )

This website is developed on top of wordpress as a plugin, source code is available at https://git.nexlab.net/SexHackMe/sexhackme

Interested in a collaboration?